Cellstain® 7

Cellstain® 7

Cellstain® 7 – The economic stainer for


(Blood and bone marrow)

• May-Grünwald
• Pappenheim
• Leishman


• Gram staining

The Cellstain® 7 is a fully automatic stainer for haematology and bacteriology staining.
With seven stations, the Cellstain® 7 is simple to use and to maintain.

Slideholder and troughs for 25 slides are available.

• A water rinse station is available as optional accessory.

• Safe operation with preinstalled programs.

• The short change time significantly reduces unwanted drying of slides.

• Because of its compact size, the Cellstain® 7 can be placed under a fume hood;
a compatible fume extraction desk hood for vacuuming less hazardous pollutants during staining is available.

• The Cellstain® 7 is thus a time saving and economical solution for haematology and bacteriology staining.

* IMPORTANT: Use only appropriate staining reagents for staining machines. For example, use only stabilized Lugol solution for the Gram stain.


• Slide holder up to 25 slides
• 6 troughs (standard, 250ml) with lid
• 1 of 6 troughs can be changed to a water rinse station. (optional)
• 1 slide dryer (without heater)
• 4 preinstalled staining programs; can be changed individually for your laboratory

Dimensions (WxDxH): 49x16x30cm
Weight: ca. 6 kg without chemicals
Security: CE certified
Voltage: 208-240V 50Hz or 100-127V 60Hz

Device and accessories

675 – Pressure regulator for water rinse station

685 – Device with 6 troughs, slider dryer (w/o heater) and slide holder, up to 25 slides

688 – Water rinse station (optional)

687 – Slide holder for up to 25 slides

686 – Trough (Standard, 250ml) with lid for 25 slides

690-06 – Fume extraction hood with integrated, replaceable charcoal filter (optional)

690-AK – charcoal filter

Slide dryer (without heater) and slide holder for up to 25 slides:


Select a predefined routine program with the intuitive user interface:


Preinstalled programs:

• May-Grünwald
• May-Grünwald-Giemsa (Pappenheim)
• Leishman
• Gram staining

Cellstain® 7 fume extraction desk hood

The Cellstain fume extraction desk hood is used for vacuuming less hazardous pollutants during staining. The Cellstain fume extraction desk hood is suitable for connection to a laboratory exhaust system or a window opening with standard exhaust hose of 10 cm diameter.


• Fast and easy upgrading
even for already existing devices

• Clear acrylic hood

• Low power consumpion

• No structural measures necessary


Dimensions: (WxDxH) 70 x 44 x 40 cm

Fan voltage: 12V DC via external power adaptor

CE certified

Fume extraction desk hood with charcoal filter system


The Cellstain fume extraction hood is available with an integrated charcoal filter system.

The charcoal filter is inexpensive and easy to replace.


Dimensions: (WxDxH) 80 x 44 x 40 cm

Fan voltage: 12V DC via external power adaptor

CE zertifiziert

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