Cellspin/THARMACspin Cytocentrifuge

THARMACspin Zytozentrifuge

The leading system for producing cell preparations!


  • The largest selection of cytocentrifuges
  • The largest selection of rotors
  • „Quickchange” for faster working in case of higher workloads*
  • Largest selection of consumables for all applications
  • Choose between RPM and RCF**
  • Cooling system for special sample processing**
  • Closed rotor to protect the operating staff
  • The first centrifuge that grows in line with the requirements of your laboratory
  • Available as lower-priced 4 position and 8 position centrifuge
  • Double Cellfunnel enables you to increase the number of preparations per run up to 24
  • You will work with the proven monolayer filter card system

* Quickchange is a proprietary development by Tharmac GmbH for easy and fast rotor replacement
** for Cellspin II only

Area of Application

Cytology, urology, microbiology, haematology, immunocytochemistry, virology, oncology

suitable for small and large volumes

The cells are deposited on a surface with a diameter of 6mm or 22x15mm.

Rotors for all medical applications are avaiable for Cellspin I and Cellspin II. Especially for the pre-centrifugation (sedimentation) of all body fluids, like e.g. urine, etc.

Geschlossener Rotor

The closed rotor with Quickchange* has 4, 8 or 12. (Here pictured 8 positions.) The closed rotor processes up to 24 samples per run (when using the Double Cellfunnel) and can be sterilised and autoclaved.

It protects the operating staff during loading and unloading in the microbiological safety workbench.

Herausnehmbarer Rotor

The removable rotor with Quickchange* for fast and easy rotor replacement has ´4, 8 or 12 positions. (Here pictured 8 positions). It can also process up to 24 samples using the Double Cellfunnel.

In case of high workloads, you can prepare a second rotor and save time. The Quickchange function allows you to prepare the samples outside of the Cellspin.

EASY-Rotor, geschlossenen & herausnehmbar

EASY (removable open and removable closed) rotor has been developed especially for the EASY Cellfunnel. It enables you to process up to 24 samples at one run.

All rotors can be sterilised and autoclaved.

* Quickchange is a proprietary development by Tharmac GmbH for easy and fast rotor replacement.

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