Cellspin® III Cyto

THARMAC Cellspin® cytocentrifuges combine fast and reliable results with exceptionally simple operation. Whether e.g. cytology, urology, microbiology, haematology virology or oncology – Cellspin® cytocentrifuges dissect every cell material and adopt to your individual requirements. Flexible and safe!

Cellspin® III Cyto

The specialist in cytology
    • The only cytocentrifuge that grows with your laboratory’s demands
    • Available as 4-, 8- and 12-position cytocentrifuge
    • Speed range from 200 to 2,000 rpm
    • 100 program slots
    • Rotors can be replaced with other capacity anytime
    • Open and closed cytorotors for unrestricted or protected work
    • Works as a cytocentrifuge and a laboratory centrifuge
    • For human and veterinary medicine diagnosis purposes
    • Usable in cytology, urology, microbiology, haematology, virology, oncology and many others
    • Cellspin® uses the familiar monolayer filter cards
    • Handles volumes from 0.1 to 5 ml
    • Quickchange® technology allows the rapid rotor change for high sample quantities
    • Double Cellfunnel® available to double the capacity for high sample quantities
    • Compatible with ShandonTM CytospinTM
    • Cellspin® cytocentrifuges are maintenance free according to DGUV 100-500
    • CE and IVD certified
    • Quality – made by Tharmac, Germany

Comparing Cellspin III LAB, CYTO and UNI

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