Cellspin® III LAB

Cellspin® laboratory centrifuges from THARMAC are the reliable, robust and durable basic machines for every laboratory. They suit a wide range of applications thanks to a large variety of rotors and accessories. The ergonomic control panel make handling easy and safe.

Cellspin® III LAB

The reliable basic device for every laboratory
    • Large rotor selection
    • Speed range from 200 to 15,000 rpm
    • 100 individually programable memory slots
    • Suitable for volumes up to 4x 200 ml
    • Automatic rotor recognition
    • 10 acceleration and brake levels, each
    • Easy one-hand operation through ergonomic control panel
    • Stainless steel centrifugation chamber
    • Solid, secure metal housing
    • Cellspin® cytocentrifuges are maintenance free according to DGUV 100-500
    • CE and IVD certified
    • Quality – made by Tharmac, Germany

Comparing Cellspin III LAB, CYTO and UNI

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