CellStain® EASY

The budget-priced economical automated stainer for haematology and bacteriology

CellStain® EASY

Haematology (blood and bone marrow)

  • May-Grünwald
  • Pappenheim
  • Leishman


  • Gram staining



Convincing Advantages

  • CellStain® EASY, a fully automated, time-saving and economic staining system for haematology and bacteriology.
  • Providing seven staining stations (six cuvettes, one drying station) CellStain® EASY is easy to operate and to maintain
  • With its ingenious back and forth movement of the slide holder CellStain® EASY is able to execute a large number of different staining protocols
  • Low carry-over of staining reagents due to special slide holder
  • Small format of the CellStain® EASY fits under any fume hood (compatible fume hood for aspiration during staining optional available)
  • Slide holder and cuvettes available for 24 slides
  • Secure processing by pre-installed staining programs
  • Optional equipment
    – water rinsing station
    – fume hood with activated charcoal filter



  • Slide Holder for 24 slides
  • 6 cuvettes (standard, 240 ml) with lid
  • 1 drying station (without heating)
  • 1 water rinsing station (optional)
  • 4 pre-installed staining programs that can by adopted individually to the needs of the laboratory
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 49 x 16 x 30 cm
    Weight: ca. 6 kg without reagents
    Safety: CE/IVD certified
    Voltage: 12V DC by external plug-in mains adapter


Pre-defined staining programs

  • May-Grünwald
  • May-Grünwald-Giemsa (Pappenheim)
  • Leishman
  • Gram staining

All staining times individually adjustable to your laboratory.

Device and equipment

  • JC685-1 – CellStain® EASY
    with 6 cuvettes (240 ml) with lid, drying station (without heating), slide holder for up to 24 slides
  • JC686-1 – cuvette (240 ml) for 24 slides, with lid
  • JC687-1 – slide holder for 24 slides
  • JC688-1 – water rinsing station
  • JC690-06 – fume hood with activated charcoal filter
  • JC690-AK – activated charcoal filter for fume hood
Fume hood with activated charcoal filter system

CellStain® with fume hood with integrated activated charcoal filter system (picture similar)

Connection to an external aspiration system possible.
Changing the activated charcoal filter is easy and cheap.

Technical specifications fume hood

Dimensions: 60 x 44 x 40 cm (W x D x H), approx. 8.5 kg
Fan voltage: 12V DC by external plug-in mains adapter
CE certified

IMPORTANT: Only staining reagents suitable for automated staining must be used. For example only stabilized Lugol’s iodine for Gram staining.

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