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GynoPrep® thin-layer preparation

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GynoPrep® – thin-layer preparation

The thin-layer preparation for the gynaecological cytology with the FDA certified Rovers® Cervex-Brush® Combi.

Important scientific publication for gynaecologists:
Sampling with the Rovers® Cervex-Brush® Combi results in the collection of the same amount of squamous cells, but in a two to threefold harvest of endocervical cells. This leads to the detection of a higher viral load of oncogenic HPV and an increase in the number of detected abnormal smears.

Publication in Cytopathology 2006/17 p. 374-381
Improved endocervical sampling and HPV viral load detection by Cervex-Brush® Combi
C. E. Depuydt*, I.H. Benoy, E. J. Bailleul**, J. Vandepitte*, A. J. Vereecken* and J. J. Bogers***

*Laboratory for Clinical Pathology (Labo RIATOL), Antwerp, Belgium, **Department of Gynecology, Sint-Vincentius Ziekenhuis, Nortsel, Belgium and ***Laboratory of Cell and Tissue Research, Faculty of Medicine, University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium

Advantages of the technique:

  • No cells will be lost by filtration or aspiration or other separating processes
  • Inflammatory signs like e.g. granulocytes, lymphocytes or histiocytes are deliberately not extracted from the preparation as they are often used to find the diagnose. The tumour diathesis will not be lost
  • A specific flora is often an important indication of the existence of a rather reactive or a more dysplastic lesion and it is therefore both differential diagnostically and therapeutic an important hint
  • Representative profile with all cell types, cell complex and inflammatory cells
  • No 3D effect when screening, the typical layer of the cervix cell complexes remain untouched
  • Better morphology of the single cell, evenly spread cells
  • Quicker findings due to a selected rectangle of 22mm x 15mm
  • The remaining material can be used for additional examinations, e.g. HPV
  • All different HPV tests possible (even high-risk HPV DNA test is possible)
  • GynoPrep® is also suitable for the preparation of the examination of extra-genital cells
  • Improved cell explant by Rovers® Cervex-Brush® Combi, particularly for IUP users
  • Transport container suitable for mailing
  • Simple, effective and efficient


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GynoPrep® meets the requirements of the european directive 98/79/EG (in vitro diagnostics directive) and carries the CE label

Used by the German Army

GynoPrep® is used by the German Army.

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