Standarized staining set for air dried specimens in urology

UroStain No. 1: Fixative, ready to use
Fixative with prestaining, contains methanol

UroStain No. 2: Staining solution Red, ready to use
Eosinophilic solution, composed of Eosin dye

UroStain No. 3: Staining solution Blue
Basophiic solution, composed of defined azure fraction

Advantages of UroStain
- Ready to use and standarized staining solution
- Reproducible and consistend staining quality
- Fast staining – only 30 seconds to 2 minutes
- No filtration or sedimentation of unsolved staining particles needed
- Complete standardization with UroStain autostainer possible
- Clean and economical work

Advantages for cytology

- Diagnosis in 1-2 minutes
- Excellent second staining to Papanicolaou

Additional required materials:

The additional required materials have to be suitable to meet the requirements in medical diagnostical laboratories:
- Microscope (for medical use)
- Clean and coated slides
Users have to be familiarized with UroStain user's manual and used medical devices' manuals.

Preparation of reagents:
All reagents are ready to use
Please shake bottles carefully before use

Qualitity assurance:
Apply accordingly to national guide lines for quality assurance.
Investigation material 1/2/3:
All specimens need to be sampled and treated according to the actual state of the art.

Storage and stability:
Reagents are stable at room temperature until there expiration date, even when bottles are already open.

Staining set:
3 x 80ml staining set


Staining set for air dried specimens in cytology.
Application only by skilled persons according to the guide lines for medical laboratories.

Method designation and staining method:
UroStain is a modified staining technique based on dipping method. Due to repeated dipping in fixative with prestaining and two staining solutions cells are fixed and stained.
UroStain are standarized stains as ready-to-use solutions with defined dye content. Solutions are buffered and thus no staining changes occure based on pH shifts (Water etc.).
By shorter or longer dipping in UroStain staining solution Red or UroStain staining solution Blue the desired plasma/nucleus staining and contrast, respectively, can be adjusted.