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CellStain - CellStain<sup>®</sup>

Video about the Linear automated stainers

CellStain® – Linear automated stainers

For excellent results in cell staining

CellStain® automated stainers from THARMAC® combine all of the key aspects of effective laboratory work in a single device:


Thanks to established staining protocols, CellStain® delivers flawless staining quality with superlative reproducibility


Thanks to custom programming options, CellStain® automated stainers always adapt to the needs of a modern laboratory


Thanks to walk-away technology, CellStain® automated stainers allow you take the next step towards automation


Thanks to their compact size, CellStain® automated stainers require only a small amount of space


Thanks to their low price, CellStain® automated stainers are cost-effective even with a relatively low sample throughput

The CellStain® series comprises three models:

CellStain® 6
CellStain® 15
CellStain® 23

Staining results

With CellStain® automated stainers


Faerbeergebnisse 1 - CellStain<sup>®</sup>


Faerbeergebnisse 2 - CellStain<sup>®</sup>

Choose the right device for you:

CellStain® 6

CellStain® 15

CellStain® 23

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